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Dr. Jin Xiao: Shaping The Future Of Oral Health

Dr. Jin Xiao: Shaping the Future of Oral Health

Discover Dr. Jin Xiao’s impactful work with the National Dental PBRN. As an associate professor and the Director of the Perinatal Oral Health Program, she’s leading the charge in innovative oral health research and care. Her dedication to advancing oral health outcomes is truly inspiring.

Our Mission At National Dental PBRN

Our Mission at National Dental PBRN

The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network seeks to improve oral health by conducting dental practice-based research and by serving dental professionals and their patients through education and collegiality.  We want…

Quick Polls: COVID-19 in Dentistry

Many dentist’s offices are now open, but the lingering effects of COVID-19 are still present. Through a quick poll, we studied the effects of COVID-19 in dentistry. Let’s take a look at how COVID has affected the way in which we practice dentistry.