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As a community of participating dental professionals and organizations, the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) is dedicated to bringing oral health to the forefront of the conversation. In the network, dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists and staff participate in practice-based research to improve clinical decisions, advance our knowledge and ultimately improve the Nation’s oral health. 

Our Membership Offers

The National Dental PBRN is happy to continuously accept new members. Through our membership program, you’ll gain access to networking opportunities, participate in clinical studies, receive free continuing education credit, and the chance to grow your portfolio. Our membership program is designed to not only provide more substantial understanding around the latest evidence from dental research, but to also help improve the quality of care you and your practice provides. 

We offer three different levels of membership—Informational, Limited, and Full—so everyone can enjoy the benefits the Network has to offer.


Our entry level membership, the informational package, is designed for professionals and students who are curious about what the National Dental Practice PBRN is all about. Informational members can:

  • Receive information and updates
  • Participate in quick polls
  • Suggest a study topic


As the mid-level membership program, our limited package provides you with more hands-on benefits. Including the access available in the informational membership, level two brings you networking opportunities. With a level two membership you can:

  • Attend network meetings
  • Participate in a questionnaire study


Level three, the full membership, grants you access to everything the Network has to offer. You’ll have complete access to the benefits listed above, and be able to do the following:

  • Participate in clinical study
  • Participate in network committees

We recommend joining the network at this membership level if you are a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist. Participating in clinical studies will not only further your education, but allow you to implement new techniques and technologies into your practice.

Enrollment Qualifications

To become a member of the National Dental PBRN, a quick enrollment questionnaire must be completed, which you can find here. Dental professionals who practice in the United States or Territories are eligible for enrollment in all three levels, but professionals outside of the United States may only enroll at the informational level. Whether you’re a researcher, teacher, student, dental therapist, or dentist, joining the National Dental PBRN is beneficial to you and your practice.

Membership Training

Upon enrollment, we recommend you watch the National Dental PBRN Orientation Video to become more acquainted with who we are and the opportunities you’ve just unlocked.

Based on which studies you choose to participate in, some training may be required. For most clinical studies, you’ll be required to complete training on the Protection of Human Research Participants, and on study h protocol . When you sign up to participate in clinical studies, the National Dental PBRN will notify you if your region has training requirements, making sure the process is smooth and simple.

To learn more about regional training requirements, click here.

Become a Member of the National Dental PBRN

Together we can improve dental care and close the gap between research and practice. Education and knowledge is the first step toward monumental changes, which is why the research we conduct on a daily basis with you, the dental practitioners, is so important. Our mission to improve the nation’s oral health through practice-based research can’t succeed without you. Become a member today to shape the future of dentistry.
Whether you’re looking to participate in a clinical study or want to be the first to know when new information is available, you have a place in the National Dental PBRN. Visit our website today to learn more on how you can make a difference within your practice and yourself by becoming a member.

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