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Our Upcoming Studies

Post-Operative Pain – POPS

Aided by a mobile app, practitioners and patients undergoing potentially painful dental procedures will participate in this prospective cohort study to investigate presence, severity, and management of pain up to 3 weeks after the procedures.

Dental Implant Registry

Practitioners and patients with dental implants will participate in this prospective cohort study to create an implant registry and investigate the success of implant therapy over 3 years, as well as the rate of prosthetic and implant complications.

mDentistry e-Hygiene

Dentists, dental hygienists, and patients from the Network’s Northeast Node (only) will participate in this intervention study to investigate the acceptance of virtual dental examinations and patient self-taken intraoral photos.

Smoking Cessation – FreSH

To aid in the development of a clinical trial, practitioners from the Network’s Midwest node (only) and their patients who smoke will participate in a mixed-methods cross-sectional study to investigate their willingness to give away or receive free samples of nicotine replacement therapy, and their reactions to planned trial procedures.

Erosive Tooth Wear – ETW

Practitioners and their patients in the Southwest, South Central, and South Atlantic Regions (only) with erosive tooth wear will participate in a cross-sectional clinical study to investigate provider and patient perceptions of erosive tooth wear, identify detection thresholds, and estimate prevalence and risk factors for erosive tooth wear.

Mental Health Screenings – MSDP

Practitioners from the Network’s South Central node (only) will participate in this qualitative cross-sectional study to investigate barriers and facilitators for and the feasibility of implementing mental health screeners and treatment referrals into dental practice workflows.

If you are interested in participating, contact us! 

If you are interested in participating, contact us!

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