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Style Guide

Size in PowerPoint

Use PowerPoint Page Setup size of 56”wide x 34.5” high


  • Photo on the left of title (if required)
  • Logo (standard on the template)
    • on the right in the header
    • dynamic (can change size to fit the available space)
    • transparent background


  • Always capitalize the first and last word in a title
  • Capitalize all the other words except for a, an, the, and conjunctions and prepositions of four letters or fewer


  • Three columns suggested
  • White background

Printing for major meetings such as AADR, use

  • Print 36” x 58.43” (The height is the determining number, so it should not be printed taller than 42 inches.)
  • Use wrinkle resistant fabric (suggested) or 13oz scrim vinyl w/ UV & waterproof resistant ink, both available at MakeSigns (You may order a sample of each from


  • All aspects (header and footer swooshes, logo) are dynamic (i.e., they can be altered to fit one’s needs)
  • Use font size that best suits your needs with the information to be presented and the available space