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Orientation Video

Once you are enrolled, please do the following.

Levels of Participation

You may contribute to research projects that benefit your practice depending on your interest with participation at one of three levels.

  1. Informational: receive newsletters and correspondence only.
  2. Limited: receive newsletters and correspondence and participate in questionnaires.
  3. Full: receive newsletters and correspondence, participate in questionnaires, and participate in in-office clinical studies.

Types of Training

The training needed for any particular study protocol varies widely. Some studies, such as online questionnaires, do not require any training. Some studies require only that you read materials in advance and participate in a telephone conference call. Depending on the requirements in your region, you may be asked to complete Protecting Human Research Participants training. Most clinical studies, in which you collect data about patients, will require that you complete Protecting Human Research Participants training and have a protocol training session at your office with you and your staff.

Regional Training Requirements

Human participants research training varies by region. Before you select a specific course, please check with your Regional Coordinator to find out about specific training requirements.

Protecting Human Research Participants

Some regions require the CITI course in Community-Based Participatory Research. You can access this training here.

Other regions may require that you take the National Institutes of Health (NIH) online training course in Protecting Human Research Participants for conducting research with patients in your practice. You can take the course online  or we can mail you a printed version of the full course. After reading the printed materials, log in to the course web site to answer test questions and get your course certificate.