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Beyond The Chair: Dentists’ Role In Mental Health And Smoking Cessation

Beyond the Chair: Dentists’ role in mental health and smoking cessation

In the realm of healthcare, dentists play a pivotal role that extends beyond oral health. With their unique position, dentists have the opportunity to be on the frontline against both smoking and mental health issues. A recent blog post by Dr. Sandra Japuntich, PI of the Network’s FreSH study on smoking cessation, sheds light on the intertwined relationship between smoking, mental health, and the critical role of dental practitioners in addressing these issues.

Dr. Jin Xiao: Shaping The Future Of Oral Health

Dr. Jin Xiao: Shaping the Future of Oral Health

Discover Dr. Jin Xiao’s impactful work with the National Dental PBRN. As an associate professor and the Director of the Perinatal Oral Health Program, she’s leading the charge in innovative oral health research and care. Her dedication to advancing oral health outcomes is truly inspiring.

Dr. Min Kyeong Lee: Testimonial

Dr. Min Kyeong Lee: Testimonial

This testimonial from Dr. Lee underscores the transformative potential of big data in dentistry. It serves as an invitation for all dental professionals to join the National Dental PBRN and contribute to the advancement of oral health on a national scale.

Mental Health Screening In Dental Practices: A Feasible Approach

Mental Health Screening in Dental Practices: A Feasible Approach

Mental health issues are prevalent but often remain untreated. As researchers in healthcare, we have a strong interest in mental health and improving access to care. This pilot study conducted by UA researchers investigated the feasibility of integrating mental health screening and referral to treatment into the dental health workflow.

Webinar: Dental Implant Restoration Registry (DIRR) Study Updates

Webinar: Dental Implant Restoration Registry (DIRR) Study Updates

Join Dr. Geurs, the study principal investigator, and Dr. Andrew Shuler, a general dentist and DIRR study practitioner to share your experience participating in the registry. We will provide an update on study progress, present preliminary results, and answer questions from dentists who are participating in the study. By joining the webinar, you will learn about the latest findings of the DIRR Study!