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Beyond The Chair: Dentists’ Role In Mental Health And Smoking Cessation

Beyond the Chair: Dentists’ role in mental health and smoking cessation

In the realm of healthcare, dentists play a pivotal role that extends beyond oral health. With their unique position, dentists have the opportunity to be on the frontline against both smoking and mental health issues. A recent blog post by Dr. Sandra Japuntich, PI of the Network’s FreSH study on smoking cessation, sheds light on the intertwined relationship between smoking, mental health, and the critical role of dental practitioners in addressing these issues.

Mental Health Screening In Dental Practices: A Feasible Approach

Mental Health Screening in Dental Practices: A Feasible Approach

Mental health issues are prevalent but often remain untreated. As researchers in healthcare, we have a strong interest in mental health and improving access to care. This pilot study conducted by UA researchers investigated the feasibility of integrating mental health screening and referral to treatment into the dental health workflow.

How Long Do Posterior Composite Fillings Typically Last?

How long do posterior composite fillings typically last?

Have you ever wondered how long your posterior composite restorations last? In the largest US study to date, Dr. Thankam Thyvalikakath and colleagues analyzed over 700,000 posterior composite restoration placed in 200,000 patients across 99 Network dental practices. The findings from this Electronic Dental Records (EDR) analysis have been recently published in the Journal of Dentistry.  

2023 Publication Highlights

2023 Publication Highlights

Explore the 2023 highlights from the network’s publications, offering insights on topics ranging from cracked teeth and TMD management to telemedicine in dentistry and PPE use. These findings may inspire you to reconsider your current practices and adapt to the evolving landscape of dental healthcare.