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Webinar: Dental Implant Restoration Registry: Why dentists should participate

You can now watch the recordings for the webinar on our YouTube channel. Dr. Nico Geurs, periodontist and researcher, presented the study to our practitioners. He also shared with us how the study data will help us understand the success rates of prosthetics placed over dental implants. You, too, can join the dentists creating the first NIH-funded dental prosthesis registry. 

Dr. Nico Geurs, Professor and Chair of the UAB Department of Periodontology and DIRR Principal Investigator, talks about the study. 


The DIRR study aims to investigate the parameters associated with the success of implant therapy, as well as the rate of prosthetic and biologic implant complications. You can learn more about the study  and, if you are interested in participating, contact your node coordinator at

Interested in Becoming a Member?

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