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The Network is committed to advancing dental care: Sumit Yadav Testimonial

Dr. Sumit Yadav DDS, MDS, PhD, MBA, Professor & Chairman of the Department of Growth and Development at the College of Dentistry of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, underscored the crucial role played by the Network in shaping the future of dental care. Dr. Yadav, with over two decades of clinical research experience, acknowledged the limitations of single-center studies with small sample sizes and restricted boundaries in addressing real-world dental challenges. Dr. Yadav stated,The Network offers to engage dentists/specialists in large [studies] to overcome the problems associated with academic single/multi center research.” The researcher and practitioner emphasized that “the network’s ultimate goal is to enhance the oral health of all Americans by fostering evidence-based practices through extensive data gathered in network studies. Dr. Yadav affirmed “As a proud member of this network, I am planning to conduct and participate in the studies focused on craniofacial health and well-being”. 


Sumit Yadav DDS, MDS, PhD, MBA 

Professor & Chairman 

Department of Growth and Development 

UNMC College of Dentistry 

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