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Dr. Min Kyeong Lee: Testimonial

In the world of healthcare, big data has become a buzzword. It holds the promise of transforming the way we understand diseases, develop treatments, and deliver care. In the field of dentistry, this potential is being realized through the work of the National Dental PBRN. Today, we share a testimonial from Dr. Min Kyeong Lee, an Associate Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at the College of Dentistry, University of Illinois Chicago.

“Since I was a dental student,” Dr. Lee begins, “I have been interested in health and dental care outcomes at the national level.” Her focus? Those with craniofacial conditions—a group that often requires specialized attention.

Dr. Lee points out a significant hurdle that has long stood in researchers’ paths: “A big challenge has been finding the right kind of data to ask questions pertinent to dental care and head and neck conditions.” This is where the National Dental PBRN plays a role, by providing what Dr. Lee describes as an “unprecedented source of data in dentistry.” As Dr. Lee emphasizes, it’s an “indispensable opportunity to observe real-world dentistry.”

Serving as a co-investigator of the Specialty Node of the PBRN, Dr. Lee extends an invitation: “I encourage all dentists and dental specialists to join the Network today.” Dr. Lee believes that by working together, we can “advance the oral health of the nation”.

The benefits are clear— access to research updates, participation in national studies, and even opportunities to initiate personally relevant studies. Dr. Lee and the National Dental PBRN team invites you to join the National Dental PBRN and contribute to the advancement of oral health on a national scale.

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