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Webinar: Periodontal Adjunctive Antibiotics Study

The PAAS Study: Researching Periodontal Antibiotic Therapy

Adjunctive antibiotics are a valuable tool in periodontal disease therapeutics. However, their use is complex and nuanced. The webinar aims to shed light on this topic, providing the latest updates on the use, prescription patterns, and best practices for adjunctive antibiotics in periodontal treatment. Antibiotics are used alongside conventional periodontal treatments to enhance their effectiveness. However, their use must be carefully managed to avoid potential issues such as antibiotic resistance.

The webinar also introduces the PAAS study, a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of adjunctive antibiotics in the treatment of periodontal disease. This study is currently recruiting dentists, periodontists, dental therapists, and hygienists who are eager to contribute to the science of periodontal antibiotic therapy. Led by Dr. Georgios Kotsakis and Dr. Marcelo W.B. Araujo, this webinar will help viewers gain a deeper understanding of adjunctive antibiotics in periodontal practice, stay updated with the latest prescription patterns and best practices, and learn about the benefits of participating in the PAAS study.

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