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The network’s 2022 Year in Review

Current & Upcoming Studies

2022 was another productive year for our network! Recall that our over-arching goal is to improve the nation’s oral health by improving the knowledge base for everyday clinical decision-making and moving the latest evidence into routine care. Much was accomplished! For example,

  • study results were published in 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications in 2022, and another 5 were accepted for publication.
  • data collection for 11 studies since 2020 has now been completed. Two studies are currently in data collection (Post-operative Pain Study and Dental Implant Registry), and at least another two are planned for 2023.
  • network practitioners and investigators provided 10 peer-reviewed national research presentations, and 47 non-peer-reviewed presentations and publications. Our mantra continues to be: disseminate, disseminate, disseminate!

With the launch of several new studies and planned presentations and publications from the network’s current studies, 2023 promises to be an exciting year. We also look forward to having face-to-face practitioner meetings in 2024.

Thank you for making it happen!

Here are some key findings from the network’s 2022 publications:

Current and upcoming studies in 2023

Post-Operative Pain Study – POPS
Participate in this study investigating management of pain up to 3 weeks after dental procedures. Aided by an mHealth text messaging platform, practitioners monitor pain experiences of their patients undergoing potentially painful dental procedures. Do not miss the chance to better communicate with your patients and contribute to the science of dental pain. Join now!  Read more

Dental Implant Registry
Consider joining the dentists who are creating the first National implant registry funded by NIDCR. You will enroll 10 to 15 patients with dental implants, at the time of prosthesis placement, and conduct one clinical examination every year for 3 years to investigate the success of implant therapy. Read more

Free Samples for Health – FreSH Study
Inviting all practitioners from the Network’s Midwest and Northeast Regions (only) to participate in this trial to help their patients quit smoking. Dentists will enroll patients who smoke, and then deliver a brief intervention called Ask-Advise-Refer. Patients will receive a free bag containing an electric toothbrush or Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) samples. If you are a network member from the Midwest and Northeast regions, register for the webinar on Jan 27th to learn more about the study. Read more

Mental Health Screenings and Referrals in Dental Practice – MSDP
Practitioners from the Network’s South Central Region (only) will participate in this study to investigate the feasibility of integrating mental health screenings and treatment referrals into dental practice workflows. If you are a member from the South Central Region and want to participate, contact us.

If you are interested in participating, contact us!

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