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Précis & Objective

  • Précis
    This was a prospective cohort study of patients with dentin hypersensitivity. The study population consisted of adult dental patients who had dentin hypersensitivity and the practitioners who provided treatment for this condition. Approximately 180 dentists across the nation enrolled 14 study patients, with an enrollment aim of 2,520 adult patients for the entire network.

  • Objectives
    The primary objective of the study was to gain a better understanding of the multiple treatments used to manage dentin hypersensitivity among US dental practitioners by characterizing methods of diagnosing dentin hypersensitivity in the practice setting, dentists’ selected treatment(s) of dentin hypersensitivity, and patient-reported pain outcomes over time.

    The secondary objectives of the study were to explore patient-, practitioner-, practice-, and tooth-level characteristics that contributed to practitioners’ selected treatment(s) and approach(es) to care and to characterize patients’ satisfaction with the received treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.