Cracked Tooth Registry

Abstracts of study results presented at the 2016 American Association for Dental Research meeting. 

This is an observational study examining the natural history of posterior cracked teeth, in which initial screening, patient enrollment, informed consent, initial data collection, and treatment (if indicated) are completed at baseline. Subsequent annual recalls are completed and follow-up data recorded. Treatment on a study tooth is always documented.

At the initial baseline visit, the following forms were used: patient characteristics, baseline: exam and treatment form, and reference worksheet.

For recall visits, the reference worksheet and appropriate (year 1, 2, 3) annual follow-up exam and treatment forms are completed.

For treatment accomplished other than at baseline or annual recalls, the treatment visit form is used.

If a patient will no longer participate in the study, a discontinuation form is filled out.

If a patient moves from the study practice, and is unwilling or unable to see a network dentist to continue data collection, a patient telephone interview guide and form will be used to obtain information.